Symposium Schedule

Event Agenda

3:00-3:30pm— Registration

3:00-4:00pm—Networking hour: Community Displays

4:00-4:30pm—Welcome, Introductions + local opportunities: SW community farm, Brady Faith, Syracuse Grows

4:30-5:15pm—Keynote Speaker: Youth Farm Project, Audrey Baker

5:15-6:00pm—Dinner Catered by Chef Will + SU Food Studies Students

6:00-7:30pm—Youth track activity sessions: (4-20 minute sessions) smoothie making,  ice cream making, demonstration market, mini hydroponics

6:00-6:30pm—Adult track – Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Ellie Limpert

6:30-7:30pm— Breakout sessions for adult participants (two- 30 min sessions) *visit break out session tab for details

7:30pm— closing remarks

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