A Dynamic and Resilient Regional Food System Must Include Food Justice.

All over the country, and in Central New York, people are working to create a cultural shift in how food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste are addressed and there is growing support for community gardening and urban farming. Jessi Lyons explains that “a dynamic and resilient regional food system must include Food Justice, where all citizens can afford nutritious food throughout the year, and our communities benefit from all facets of the food system. Community gardens and urban farms are a natural place to help consumers, producers, markets and decision makers find common ground to build more sustainable and locally beneficial food system opportunities.” This event welcomes policy makers, planners, community gardeners, school administration and staff, elected officials, nutritionists and medical professionals, health departments, community organizations, philanthropists, educators, students and the general public to hear nationally renowned speakers, local and regional experts, community activists, and growers discuss how community gardens and urban agriculture can strengthen our communities and the innovative approaches we can use locally.

The goals of this symposium are to explore garden based learning models support hands-on urban agriculture education and promote healthy lifestyle choices, provide skill building opportunities for youth and adult community participants, facilitate dialogue, share information and develop collective strategies through partnership building.

This is a free event with dinner included.


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